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I studied at Canterbury Christ University. I am doing a BA Hons Photography. I like to photos of still life and people.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My project in process: Empty playground

In the few days I have been busy with university projects. I want to do own projects again and I decide to take images of  empty playground. When I was six year old  I used to played the playground. The slides, swings and jungle-jun. On the other I went on the swing and higher as higher as I could. Many children don't played in the playground anymore, because they are too busy doing work, they grow up too quickly  and they were playing computer games. I missed used to played on swings and sometime I still go on it. Sometimes it helps to rid the bad thoughts and I am in different world.

For this project I am looking over at Kimberly Mckay, Sally Mann and Alex Class. I will be on focus on the lighting and the texture of the playground. Also I looked at landscape photographer such as Mike Kenna, Art Wolfe and David Hockney. 

The equipment I will be using is a tripod for height places around the playground. A compact camera, digital camera, film camera and wider lens. I used some cable studio lights and the natural lights.
Here are some photos that I did on other day with a compact camera with the natural light.

Last week I went to East London and I saw an unique shop that sell custom lamps and sofas. I like the colourful patterns and it was different from normal furniture. 

Also I brought two different types of lens a macro lens and wide angle lens. The lens can be join together and they can be separate. The whole thing cost £6.00 which was good and  it gave interesting that I done around my bedroom.

 This is a macro which is good close up and it gives a strong and interesting  image.

This is with a wide angle lens and it is suitable for larger scale.

Next I am going to Malaysia and Taiwan, which is great I need a holiday and I can take great images there. Later I will show more photos and I will show more of my current project the empty playgrounds .

See ya soon xx

Sunday, 18 December 2011

I wish I was a bird. 
Being a human, I hate it sometimes is all about money, laws, rules and so much more. We made these things happened by telling everyone else what to do or what we think and we need. Animals are quite same they are a bit simple. I do not care about money problems, law and they have more freedom. I am jealous of it, and they can travel for free . For us we travel by foot but we are too lazy and we take transport but it cost money.  I think they get away where they lived because they are unhappy or they want earn money. 
Human are animal right, why we decide to be different like them. They hunt for food or look for a challenge. Animals do not have a religious or a culture. I do not care about money and I have more freedom and more free time.Will I be happy, only thing will stop me if was a bird. It might a cat, a human or windy day or stormy day.  
Christmas coming soon, in my family we do not celebrate Christmas, we do celebrated on Boxer day with other family members. This Christmas I will with my friends and my boyfriend, who I have not see a long time. I miss him very much. When you think of someone special, you cannot stop thinking about. I want to see them no matter and no one stop me anyway. 
Merry Christmas, have a good holiday  and happy new year. 
Also it is my birthday on 3rd January I am going to be 22 , I have no idea what to do  for my birthday. I do not know I probably celebrate just meal with my friends and my boyfriend. Of course this Christmas  and new year I will more photos just for memories. 

Thursday, 15 December 2011


The word waiting, I hate waiting, I never was patient person . But I have to be if I want something in life.  I do want something but it is someone, it can't hard get them because they are busy getting they working. I have to wait for them to see them again. There is saying good things will come if you wait. At  the moment I am waiting and still waiting, even thought if I made mistakes I still wait. Waiting is the most difficult thing do, I did some things keep myself busy doing projects and spending with my friends.

Same as photography, taking the right picture in the right moment, timing or  getting the process right of the picture.

Here are some images that I used the tool patient. 

Friday, 16 September 2011

My work is famous now.

On 5th September I was really busy sorting things out for a special event called Yum cha , it is means a Chinese bunch for my friends. I am glad we have facebook to organized it and much quicker. Also I am delighted to hear and see my work on the magazine . I have been working for Demur for a month now. My work was there but I did not know it  all to be there. This  is good that they like them all and they published it. My photo of myself is a well. I told to everyone and I posted on my facebook wall and some of my family saw it. They were proud of me and I am really happy myself too.

I learned some work experience, such as you have to to confident to be ready for anything. Talking to strangers I do not do. Obviously as a photographer I have to. Some said yes and no. However as a photographer I am have to be an outsider. Meaning take picture that catches your eyes.

There is some set back I did not learned fully like working with studio only the street. This was new experience for me and I have to worked with natural lights instead of studio lights. I have to used my own equipment, my digital SLR camera and the natural light. I used Nikon D70 camera, this camera is fantastic gives strong colours and gives easy grip to focus. Some of the pictures I have to take without people know I do not really do that all the time. Some of shots were   bad.  I understand why some photographer to get the perfect picture for them. 
 On page 18 this is my work and I decided to do collage to shows interesting layout. I simply cropped and place the pictures in Photoshop. I put range of different types of summer and spring clothes from the different genders.
On page 19 and 20 I arranged them some of the colours, which were close together and standout together as well.

For the future I might do street photography, but I also want to experience of other types of photography. I have already work with studio, landscapes, jewellery, portraits, weather, mix media, digital media and animation. There is some photography I want to try such as Arial, furniture , documentary, Under water, commercial, cars and wild life.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Street photography

How do you take photos of people with them knowing, simple right ?
Sometime is is simple and difficult. You have to get it  in the right time. Plus you have to be careful and you know might met the same stranger or not.

Take a picture of something else or take a picture of them when they are too busy.
I love this picture that it caught his character  . They are look like a lovely couple.

There are some easy shots taking pictures when the people are sleeping or busy reading  and talking.

I like the last one a lot it remind me of a music commercial and I love what she wearing.
Taking of photos of strangers is quite dangerous but as long you don't  use for a weapon of abutment . I think Photography should give the freedom to  take photos of anyone or everywhere to show off your skills.

More photos

I was looking some photos of Crystal Palace, London and Malaysia, much more . I thought I should post them up. In the pass few weeks there isn't much happening. Mostly I have studying and drawing. I create ideas for eyeliner designers. Liquid eyeliner is an unique to use , I took some photos of them to keep a record of them. I love new camera Nikon D70 and quite light and the lens is fantastic great distance and close up shots.  What I really want a fish eye lens, because it gives an interesting looks of the image.

These are from Malaysia , this is new hotel and you get sleep house, for me I wouldn't I get sea sick and I don't know they are strong enough.

These are pictures are Crystal Palace and I used 18mm and 55mm lens great for distance picture and for the landscapes. The place reminds me of Alice Wonderland or Snow White.

Remember these dinosaurs there still here, there is only few there. There used a lot of there when I was six not now.

This picture scared me and I took this one.Imagine spoke to me, 'what are you doing?'

Next ones are London Parliament and they have wonderful statues .

The last photos Brighton a beautiful city full of art work  and places.

I enjoyed going to places here and They are beautiful and I wan to travel more and I want to learn so much .